20 Fascinating Facts About Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Eating

Fun facts about guinea pigs will teach you about these fun pets. They are small animals that are very cute, and you might choose to get one when you get done with this list.

1. The Name

They are called the cavy.

2. Rodent

The are tailless rodents that are not related to pigs.

3. There Are Three Types Of Guinea Pig

The guinea pig comes in three types, but the most popular if the American or English guinea pig. There are others that come from other parts of the world, and you need to decide which you would like. The American or English guinea pig is one with short hair. Abyssinians have wiry hair, and the Peruvian has long silk hair. They are all fun to have as pet, but most of them are American because they are the easiest to take care of.

4. Teeth

The guinea pigs watch their teeth grow for their whole lives. This is why you need to allow them to chew and gnaw on things all the time so that they can wear their teeth down. This is a very simple thing for you to do, but you have to be careful in case their teeth grow too fast.

5. Guyana

They are from Guyana, and they are not from Guinea.

6. The Andes

These are mountain animals that hide up in the hills. They can live through very extreme conditions.

7. They Sleep At Night

These animals will be very active during the day, but they do not need to be entertained at night.

8. Cleaning

These animals love to be clean. They groom each other often.

9. Tiny

These animals are about 1.5-2.5 pounds. They should not be much bigger.

10. Not So Long

These pets are only about 8-10 inches long.

11. Environment

These pets live in the desert and on mountain grassland.

12. Life Span

These friends will live for 4-8 years.

13. Diet

They are herbivores you can feed very simple foods that are made from grasses and grains.

14. Communication

These animals will squeak and make other noises to express them.

15. Health

The most common problems are abscesses, diarrhea, and respiratory infections. Watch your guinea pig carefully so you know they are not getting sick.

16. Friendly

These are friendly animals that your kids will love, and they are not aggressive. You do not need to worry about biting or scratching.

17. Social

You could get a group of them to all live together because they like to have friends to play with.

18. Sows And Boars

The lady guinea pig is called a sow while the male is called a boar.

19. Baby Pups

The babies are called pups.

20. Birth

The pups are born with their eyes open and have a full coat of fur.

Now you know all you need to know when you want to get a guinea pig.

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    And I thought they’re from Guinea, Guyana now I know. Guinea Pigs is better though than Guyana Pigs, just saying.

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