First Time Horse Owners: How To Be Prepared

Horse Grooming. Photo by Neversky. License: CC BY 2.0.

You’ve made the big and exciting decision to purchase your very own horse. We are sure you’re aware that being a horse owner is a huge commitment, both in time, emotion and money. As a responsible horse owner, you must be adequately prepared to provide proper care for your animal. Here is some information for first-time horse owners that will help you get ready for a strong and safe relationship with your horse.

Be prepared financially

The initial amount you paid for your horse is only the first cost you will encounter as a horse owner. Other one-off expenses include riding equipment and grooming kits. Regular costs include accommodation, feed, bedding, vet’s fees and insurance, farrier, dentist, and worming. As well as this, you should always be prepared for unexpected costs that can occur when owning a horse. For example, your horse may be injured or become ill suddenly, requiring veterinary attention. So that you can afford both the regular and unexpected costs, it is a good idea to factor an appropriate amount into your finances each month.

Be prepared to visit your horse on a daily basis

You must be able and prepared to attend to your horse on a daily basis. Horses do not like being kept in isolation for long periods of time, so it is important for their comfort and happiness that you see them every day. During your visits, you must take your horse out for some exercise, provide fresh, clean water and feed and groom him or her.

Be prepared for training and lessons

If you are a first-time horse owner who is also relatively new to riding, you should invest time and money into professional riding lessons and horse training courses. Improving your skills in both areas will benefit the relationship and ensure maximum enjoyment for both you and your horse.

Be prepared to look after your horse’s health

During their lives, horses can contract a number of diseases and suffer from injuries. As a responsible horse owner it is important that you are aware of these potential illnesses and injuries and take appropriate measures to prevent them. Providing clean, fresh water and good quality food is the first step in ensuring your horse is kept in optimum health. Administering horse wormers on a regular basis will safeguard against worm parasites. Worm related infections are common in horses and have complications for their internal and external health. Your horse’s teeth must be checked at least once a year by an equine dentist. You must also ensure all your riding equipment is clean and in good condition.

Be prepared to continue improving as a horse owner

Being a horse owner is an ongoing learning experience. One of the best things you can do you for your horse is to continue to educate yourself on how to provide excellent care. Use reliable resources to gain this information and learn from experienced horse owners.

By committing time, adequate resources, and emotion into caring for your horse we are sure you will both have an enjoyable and positive experience.

Horse grooming photo by Neversky. License: CC BY 2.0.

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