Robotic Dog Toys Are Not Simply Toys – There Is More to It

Dog Toy

Many pet owners cannot stay off the excitement of owning a cat or dog at home but have little time to spend with them. In fact, for the modern-day pet owners, there are many solutions to keep their pet engaged even when they are not with them. They can go a step ahead, to take care of their health and well being too when you are away.

Toys like smart balls, connected through wi-fi, Bluetooth, or mobile app may help the dog owners to keep track of your pet activates and also to interact with them when needed. These robotic toys also feature many different modes like auto-play mode, which you can turn on remotely to let your pets to be active and entertained.

Dog toys are not just fun

When you plan to buy a dog toy to curb their boredom, one may think it is a straightforward process. Just walk into a store or a pet store to find a cute toy and pay for it, right? However, it is not as simple as you consider it. Have you ever thought of the consequences of letting your dog interact with an inappropriate person? So, instead of just choosing a cute one, here are some considerations to make while you are choosing a dog toy.

Safety – The foremost consideration is to ensure the safety of your canine friend interacting with the new toy. Avoid something which may pose a danger as splintering, indigestive stuffing, strings, buttons or eyes which they may swallow, sharp edges, etc.

Know your pet personality – Another critical factor while choosing a dog toy is to know the nature of your pet. You may find a wide range of habits in dogs as like chewers, aggressive chewers, energetic, possessors, or snugglers. Each breed will have a unique set of innate characteristics which you should take into consideration.

Along with the above, it is also important to consider the size of the toy, durability, cleanability as it is a frequent case, of course, the material used to manufacture it. A robotic dog toy is now the premium choice of pet owners.

Smart balls

Several owners find balls to be an ideal choice for pet cats to find fun. Dogs have a natural flair to play with balls. It is versatile and also fun to do fetch play. Conventionally, pet owners used to choose rubber balls or tennis balls to keep their pets engaged. However, now the smart choice is of smart balls, which not only serve the purpose of fun but a lot more.

Smart balls help to connect you with your pet even when you are away. These remote control balls will let the owners watch and interact with their pet from anywhere. The mobile app connected to the smart ball will give you alerts and notifications as barks and nudges about when your dog is itchy to play or want to rest.

Smart ball has an embedded camera too which can capture pictures and videos of the cutest moments of your puppy. Smart balls also feature shatterproof casing, which is mainly durable and even replaceable. There also features like wireless charging and two-way communication mode coming packed with smart balls. Overall, this robotic toy is not merely a toy, but an all-in-one pet care manager on your behalf.

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