Most Popular Dog Breeds

Dogs are known as Man’s Best Friend for a reason; they are loyal and often hardworking companions that have been involved in man’s life for thousands of years. Despite the fact that all breeds of dogs are adored by people the world over, there are a few that are more popular than others according to the registration numbers kept track of by the American Kennel Club.

A One-Two Punch of Sweetness

BoxerThe Boxer was initially bred as a fighting dog. They got their name because, during fights, they would stand on their hind legs. You couldn’t tell these dogs were bred for fighting today, however, as they are incredibly patient and love humans. These protective dogs are particularly fond of children and have an incredible amount of patience for the little tykes. These dogs are so loveable that they have been on the American Kennel Club’s best breeds list for the past decade, usually coming in around the middle of the list.

Slobber is Cute

BulldogKnown for their squat and sturdy builds, unique faces and propensity to slobber, English Bulldogs have been rising in popularity over the years. They are excellent family pets and are protective and gentle of their human masters. As an added bonus, they are very easy to groom.

Massive Personality, Itty Bitty Pup

Yorkshire-TerrierThough the trend for popular dogs according to the AKC is heading more and more in the favor of the larger breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier has remained a popular dog for decades. This energetic breed was originally bred to hunt rats but has become popular due to their strong personalities and ease of transport. They’re a friend you can carry in your purse!

As Good as Gold

Canadian Golden RetrieverNumber four on the AKC’s most popular breeds list is the Golden Retriever. This breed is often considered the perfect family pet as it is playful, friendly and versatile, not to mention a gorgeous dog. They also have a history of being distinguished service dogs working in the search-and-rescue and guide dog categories.

The Noble Beagle

BeagleThe third most popular dog breed has worked its way into our collective hearts with its floppy ears and big, soulful eyes. The Beagle was first accepted into the American Kennel Club in 1885 and has been a steady entry every year since, never falling from the top ten list in over 125 years. Beagles love the company of humans and other dogs and the fact that they are prone to mischief just seems to help cement their popularity.

Dog of the Year

German ShepherdThe second most popular dog breed has the distinction of being named Time Magazine’s Animal of the Year for 2011. This is, of course, the wonderful breed known as the German Shepherd. First gaining popularity in the 20s, this companion dog serves a number of roles. Their keen intelligence makes them excellent service dogs, and their beautiful coat and generally even nature make them great family pets as well.

The Top Dog

Yellow Labrador DogOne breed has dominated the American Kennel Club’s ratings for the past 21 years. Labrador Retrievers have been a favorite for more than 2 decades now, and with good reason. Labrador retrievers were bread to work with fisherman and are easily trained. Their even tempers and pure adorableness have guaranteed that they will likely continue to be on top of the pile for years to come.

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