Dog Fence Shopping Tips – What to Consider

Dog Fence

When you have pets in your home, you need to find a suitable fence that will restrict their movement but still give them the freedom to run around, play and even exercise. Homeowners with dogs as their pets need a fence that will keep the pets in the compound while preserving the aesthetics of your manicured lawns.

That said, choosing a fence for your dogs is not as easy as it might seem. There are a few important factors that you must put into consideration. Especially with so many options available, you may want to do some research before committing to buying anything. If you are interested in a wireless dog fence system, it’s best to buy it from an authorized store. That way you can assure the safety of your pet. This post is meant to help you understand the4 most important factors that you must consider when shopping for your dog fence. Read on…

The size of your dog

As we all know, there are different dog breeds out there; some are big while others are small in size. Well, if you have a small dog, you have no reason to look at or even consider dog fences with wide gaps because your dog can easily escape through the gaps. Moreover, according to dog experts, larger gaps are a major concern because in the event that a dog decides to escape through the gaps, he might get stuck or injured.

With that in mind, it is safer to go for dog fences that have no gaps because they are a guarantee that your dog will not try to escape, get injured or even stuck. The height of the dog is also an important factor to consider. It is therefore best if you choose atall fence because it is a guarantee that your dog will not be able to jump over and out.

The dog’s skills

The best pet to train is a dog. They have the ability to learn all the tricks that you teach them. However, dogs are also good at learning skills on their own. For example, opening doors is something that dogs learn on their own and if they do, you can rest assured that they will try opening a fence. That said, if your dog is that smart, the only fence that will keep him or her in the compound is a dog fence that comes with a special lock mechanism.

The size of your compound

Once you now the type of fence you want depending on the size of the dog, the next thing to consider is the size of the area that you need to fence. In your compound, there are certain areas that you wouldn’t want the dog to access, right? Well, luckily for you, there are custom dog fences in the market that you can use for selected fencing.

The dog fence maintenance

Some dogs are known to have destructive tendencies. If your dog falls into this category, then you need a fence that will not be easily ripped off. For example, the aluminium and vinyl fence system are the best fence types because of their rigid and strong nature.

All in all, ensure that you find a good quality fence that will keep the dog safe, secure its movement and still provide it with the best enjoyment spot.

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