Diet and Nutrition Tips for Your Cat

Cat Eating

Given the fact that cats are domestic animals, it is very easy for them to gain weight. Even more endangered are cats that live in apartments and houses without yards. If a cat does not have a natural space for moving and running as a means of staying physically fit, it will become obese. Obesity can lead to numerous health problems, just as it is the case with humans. Concerning the cat diet, every owner has to be aware of all the possible outcomes of a misbalanced diet. People often do not think about cat’s needs but simply apply their own eating and other habits to a completely different living being.

Avoid feeding them with your food

We eat food based on our organisms and our needs. The amount of calories we have to take in on a daily basis enables us to perform everyday duties in a functional way. If we start feeding cats with our food, we will torture their organisms with ingredients they can hardly handle and which can also cause serious damage to their health.

When it comes to most damaging human food, sweets and carbohydrates in general should not be served to your cats. Surprisingly, cats should also avoid milk, on the contrary to the widely accepted idea that milk is good for cats. Milk has a sort of carbohydrate that is called lactose. Not all cats are lactose-intolerant, but grown-up cats do not need milk anymore and that is why they have smaller amounts of the lactase enzyme than kittens. Due to the impossibility to digest milk in a regular way, feeding cats with milk can lead to diarrhea and stomach pains.

Cats are meat-eaters

Basically, cats are carnivores. The fairy tale image of a cat carrying a mouse in its mouth is actually based on a real-life preference of cats; they simply like meat. However, if you spot your cat with a mouse in its mouth, you should try to take it away from the cat at once. No matter how proud or happy your feline pet might be because of its prey, mice can carry all sorts of extremely dangerous germs and infections.

When it comes to human food, you can give your cat meat prepared for people. Boiled wiener sausages or cooked chicken can be given to cats and they will be delighted with the treat. Apart from that, you can also buy packages of meat food for cats at meat shops, as well. However, there might be a lot of useless or even harmful ingredients, so maybe the best option is to prepare an extra piece of meat for your cat if you are preparing a meal for yourself or the whole family. Teaching the cat to eat when the whole family eats will give it a feeling of belonging and it will also lead to regular diet, in accordance with the life schedule of its owners.

Ready-made cat food

If you are a well-off person or a family and you have decided to have a cat, then the smartest and healthiest idea is feeding your cat with food that is made for these animals. Ready-made cat food has a balanced ratio of different ingredients that are good for the health of your cat. To keep your cat fit and healthy, you should follow the steps for balanced cat’s meals. By doing so, you will minimize the amount of time you spend on preparing food for your cat and have more time for other things (just think of Garfield’s owner and the time he wasted preparing lasagna). Of course, from time to time you should call your cat to eat with you and treat it to a fine steak to make it feel like a member of the family.

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