Advice Owning A Horse From A True Equestrian Lover

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I get a lot of questions from my readers about what it’s like to own a horse and make riding part of your life. My answer is short and sweet. Owning a horse is a challenge but definitely worth it, particularly if you love animals. Horses are incredible, majestic, powerful creatures. Owning one, I would say, is more like having a true companion than a pet. That said, there are things that you should take into consideration before driving down to your nearest stable.

Beautiful But Expensive

You might think that shelling out the first few thousand to buy your new horse is the big financial issue. On the contrary, that’s just the start of the expenses that come with owning a horse. Unless you have a large stretch of land at home, you’ll need to buy or rent a plot of land. Renting a farmer land can be as cheap as fifteen dollars. But for the best stables or livery, you could be looking at anything up to a hundred per week. On top of this, there’s the cost of grooming, veterinary costs, and equipment. Don’t forget if you want to travel with your horse, you need a trailer. Are you starting to see the bills add up? Good, because I don’t want you to buy one unless you’re sure you can afford it.

Love And Attention

There are people who say that horses don’t bond with an owner like a pet does. Trust me, they do, and you’ll see it in their eyes when you come visit them. But, if you’re not visiting regularly, don’t be too surprised if your horse misses you. While a solitary animal in some cases, they do like the company of their owners. Like any other animal, they want to feel loved and cherished. If you don’t have the time to see your horse at least a few times a week, you probably shouldn’t own one.

All The Supplies

Grooming supplies, food, and equipment such as saddles all need to be purchased if you want to look after a horse. We’ve already talked about costs, but there’s a way to lower the price here. You just need to find a horse products wholesale shop online. You’ll find their prices are a lot more manageable than the ones you’ll find at your local pet store. You’ll also be able to buy things such as food in bulk which is useful. It makes managing the costs a lot easier.

Right For The Family?

This is probably the biggest question you need to ask. Is a horse the right animal for your family? I think, as long as you have the time and the money, the answer is always going to be yes. Horses are wonderful animals and looking after them can help your children learn responsibility. They will also get the chance to ride, and that’s a truly wonderful experience. There’s nothing quite like seeing your little one ride a horse for the first time.

If you’ve considered all these things, you’re ready to purchase your horse. I hope it brings you a lifetime of fantastic memories.

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