5 Tips to Help Your Dog Live a Longer Life

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While the age range of most dogs is 10-14 years some dogs have been known to live up to twice that age and still maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyles. There are a number of issues that can enable you to keep your dog in top shape and enable them to live for incredibly long periods of time.

Follow your doctor’s orders

Adhering to maintenance and treatment regiments and following vet recommendations is the first and most important tip to follow to keep your dog healthy. Studies show that routine medical care keeps animals healthier and extends the quality and duration of life for your furry friend. As veterinary costs continue to rise, the average cost of treatment can easily exceed thousands of dollars. Plan for “what if” scenarios in advance and open a savings account strictly for medical emergencies. If a DIY pet insurance savings account seems out of reach, you may consider enrolling in a pet health insurance plan instead. Veterinarians suggest you review pet insurance plans before enrolling to ensure you’re signing up for a plan that will cover the unique health issues your dog may be prone to.

Encourage a healthy diet

Always ensure that their food has all its dietary needs and supplements. Well-fed dogs are less prone to diseases and reduce their susceptibility to ageing. The temptation is always to correct their diet when they are sick or when they show deficiencies for certain minerals. The problem is that by then, they are already sick or malnourished

Exercise enables a healthy body

Take daily walks, and include runs, retrieving and garden games. A strict and balanced training regimen works their hearts and muscles ensuring that they have proper physical shape. A regular and well timed exercise also enables them to follow your lead and be your training companion as well. This increases the bonding and gives them extra time out.

Keep their mind in shape, too

Stressed out pets tend to be angry, aggressive and have reduced immune systems. Ensure that the environment does not have triggers and stressors. The peace of mind also enables them to bloom within their personality. Some breeds tend to be more sensitive than others. Even then a long exposure to stressful environments makes any pet to be emotionally stunted and hunkered down and sucks the life out of them.

Don’t forget to brush those teeth

Dental care for pets is a very important part of their life. Just as humans have to spend a lot of money on dental care, pets will also rack up huge bills if their teeth are not brushed and cleaned up. Teeth is the only body tissue that does not regenerate, meaning that dental problems can be persistent or even permanent. This will affect eating habits as well as their interaction.

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Dr. Jade Marie Tomaszewski is a pathologist-in-training at McGill University, where she also did her degree in MSc Pathology. She obtained her medical degree (MD) from the University of the Philippines, after completing a BSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. In her (little) spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, curling up with a book and a large mug of tea, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. You can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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