5 Facts About Cats You Should Know

Cat Perfect Pet
The Purrfect Pet!

There are hundreds of reasons to own a cat. You probably have seen the amazing feats that their owners have taken on YouTube. While every cat has some mischief in them, for the most part that are one of the calmest animals that you could own. One of the main ones is that they are easy to board when you go away for more than a few days. As long as a cat has a warm, sunny place, a litter box and some food, they are happy.

Animals of any kind show a child how to have some responsibility. A dog needs walks and exercise. Cats just want a toy to play with, occasionally. Housing is also more available to cat owners than dog owners, especially if you are renting.

Cats don’t need a lot of attention

That means that you can go to work, do errands, meet your friends and your furry friend won’t miss you. All that you need to do is feed it and pat it. The cat then entertains herself. Cats are very low maintenance. You can leave them alone for an entire week-end and they will be sleeping when you arrive back. If you plan to be away for longer than a few days, then board the cat in a safe environment.

Cats don’t need a lot of help in the hygiene department

They love to keep themselves looking beautiful so they are constantly licking themselves clean. Cats don’t need to be taken outside. Provide them with a litter box and they are all set.

Cats are the perfect pet for de-stressing you

That purring sound that they make when they’re comfortable is at the perfect frequency for healing you. That sound also lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Your chance of have a heart problem is reduced by almost 40% according to the University of Minnesota. A cat’s purr lowers your blood pressure; promotes bone growth and assists in healing muscle and tissue damage.

Cats are excellent hunters

Cats are excellent hunters and they love to give you gifts, if you consider a dead rodent a gift. While they can’t keep all of the rodents from your home, they can deter most of them. Even their scent can keep mice and rats away from your house. Giving it to you as a gift is the cat’s way of thanking you and asking for a treat at the same time.

Cats are very protective animals

They will nurture any other animals that you bring into the home. They are also very protective of their owners. They will snarl, hiss and attack anything that they sense is a danger to their humans. Cats live longer, for the most part, and become part of your family. They might greet other family members but they will check out strangers from a distance.

Cats are very curious creatures

They love to climb into small spaces, chase lights, climb your curtains and love staring out the window. They also love climbing into your lap to be petted. They also like high places and will climb to the highest perch to oversee their domain. They also like to do tricks if they are in the mood. Cats are entertained by watching other cats perform on the TV. They seem to smile at the other cats’ antics.

Cats are soothing animals to be around. They entertain you, they protect you and they heal you. Cats offer a listening ear without giving you any advice.

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