Be Aware Of These Dog Issues

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Dogs are man’s best friend, so the saying goes. You would be hard pressed to find a similar animal with the same loyalties. They can be a great companion for the whole family, especially children which they are particularly good with. However, there are issues you need to look out for in dogs that prove to be irksome to down right deadly. If you are a dog owner, and always have been, then you may know about some of these issues. If you are just thinking about buying a dog then you should read this through first just do you can get a good grip on some of the issues that can occur.

First one of the main afflictions of all dogs are fleas and ticks. They are awful, and you will see your dogs behaviour change due to the intense stress it is under. You need to get on top of this right away. You should keep some flea treatment at your home at all times. It can be expensive, so buy it when you can so you have it when you need it. Brands like frontline plus are a good bet. Ensure you follow the instructions and apply it as said. After ridding your dog of fleas you will notice an improvement almost immediately.

You may also encounter behavioral issues that you may not be able to stamp out. This could involve biting, chewing household items and over aggressiveness towards other dogs. You can start to sort this out by taking advice from experts. Dogs aren’t universal. They are like humans in that they conduct themselves in different ways. You may need to go to a specialist trainer to ensure you get the bad habits out of the animal.  

If you have got a dog from a shelter these issues can be magnified. You can never be sure of the kind of life the animal had before coming to you, so be careful in what you do and try to get a gauge for its behaviour before taking it anywhere to open and off its lead.

They can suffer from separation anxiety, which can be tough to curb if you and your partner have full time jobs, yet it can still be done. There are other things which could crop up too like constant barking, or howling. Don’t think this is normal because there is no reason for the dog to be doing this so often. You can take steps to curb this. The same is of whining or chronic food guarding. These are issues you need to tackle at the earliest opportunity. If you don’t they will just get worse and worse until something bad happens.

If you get a puppy remember to get the right jabs. You need jabs, otherwise certain diseases like rabies could take hold and kill or severely hurt your pet. The jabs can be expensive but for the most part they are a one off treatment. Always factor these in before getting the animal for the best chances of survival in the face of disease.

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