Diet and Nutrition Tips for Your Cat 

Cat Eating

Given the fact that cats are domestic animals, it is very easy for them to gain weight. Even more endangered are cats that live in apartments and houses without yards. If a cat does not have a natural space for moving and running as a means of staying physically fit, it will become obese. Continue reading

Sick Dog? Important Reasons Your Dog Is Vomiting 

Sick Dog

When your dog vomits, you might worry about the cause. Many people spend more time worrying about what is wrong with their dog than trying to tackle the problem. If your dog has been sick and you’re not sure why, you might find the experience scary. You want your dog to be healthy and happy. Continue reading

What Do Dolphins Eat? 

Altantic Spotted Dolphin

Dolphins are very intelligent creatures and seem to be well loved by humans. The amazing aquatic mammal has many qualities that have been fascinating mankind for centuries. Dolphins are curious creatures known to make strong bonds within their pod and apart from that, they are also known to help humans in variety of ways like fishing and rescuing. Continue reading

A Happier Pet in Six Simple Steps 


While we may love our pets and be getting everything we possibly can out of the loyal friendship, our furry companions’ needs are often different to ours. Luckily, cats and dogs are humble creatures and it often doesn’t take a lot to keep them happy. Continue reading

6 Ways To Teach Your Dog Table-Side Manners 

Teach Your Dog Table-Side Manners

Most pet owners will tell you that they find it rather hard to restrict their dogs, especially small breeds, from begging at the dinner table. All owners have different rules and routines set in place for their animals and this all comes down to personal preference and attitude. Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Own a Dog 


“Why do you bother owning a dog?” This is a question dog caretakers are all too familiar with as they scoop poop, remove shed hair off of clothing or walk their dogs in inclement weather. To people who do not own dogs, dogs seem to be a lot of work. But dog owners are not as crazy as they might first appear. Continue reading

Top Fish in the State of Washington 


Rainbow Trout is one of the most popular fish in Washington. Though the fish is native to the Western United States, it is found in many fresh water bodies in the state of Washington. Rainbow trout stay in cool and clean waters. The fish is recognized by its red or pink stride on its sides. Continue reading

Service Dogs Provide Assistance for Those with Mental Health Issues 


Many people have mental health issues that require assistance. In some cases, human assistants can’t be there at every hour for someone with issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, agoraphobia, and other stress-related disorders. Occasionally, the suffering would prefer an animal companion – they are much less stressful to deal with than a human companion in a lot of ways. Continue reading

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